Wireless Speaker Water Bottle, Black

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Water Bottle
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A musical, hydrating companion! This unique wireless bottle let you enjoy your music and coffee wherever you are. Enjoy your favourite music while you are enjoying outdoor activities. No need for a big “boom box” or loud speakers connected to cords, the wireless BEAT Bottle is ideal for the beach, picnics and poolside and can even be your musical companion at work or study. The black colored bottle styled body has the speaker on the top of the bottle instead of underneath. This helps make the speaker sound better, it also gives you easy access to the speaker, permitting you to power on and off, change the playlist, and skip or repeat the last song. The wireless feature sets up easily to your cell phone and recharges rapidly in approximately 1 hour with the capability of running for hours after charging. The lid contains an IPX4 water proof speaker so no need to worry if it gets splashed with water!

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